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Article: You Can Experience Ecstatic Sex

You Can Experience Ecstatic Sex

By Keith Sherwood

More than a thousand years ago, Tantric masters recognized that human sexuality—and the energy at its foundation are powerful forces that can lead a person into transcendent states of consciousness and new levels of sexual intimacy with a partner—in other words, an ecstatic sexual relationship.

An ecstatic sexual relationship is an intimate relationship—based on love—that will allow you to experience ecstatic sex without fear or judgment getting in the way.

Ecstatic sex is not only phenomenal sex that allows you to feel complete oneness with your partner—it’s the outer manifestation of a more fundamental sexuality, that emerges from deep within your energy field, the non physical field of energy that interpenetrates your physical body and will allow you to share pleasure, love, intimacy, and joy freely with a partner.

The Human Energy Field

It’s your energy field which provides the energy you need to participate in ecstatic sex. And it’s your energy field that transmutes sexual energy into the entire spectrum of frequencies you need to share pleasure, love, intimacy and joy with your partner.

Your energy field interpenetrates your physical body. Within it are several groups of non physical organs that regulate sexual energy. The most important of these organs are the chakras, auras, and meridians.

Chakras are energy centers that transfer sexual energy from Universal Consciousness—its original source—to your energy field and then transmutes it into the entire spectrum of frequencies you need to share pleasure, love, intimacy, and joy.

Auras are egg-shaped fields of sexual energy that serve as reservoirs of sexual energy and also separate your energy field from the external environment.

Meridians are streams of sexual energy that transfer sexual energy from one part of your energy field to another and from your energy field to your physical body.

Shakti and Sexual Energy

It’s the goddess Shakti in the form of creative, sexual energy, that allows you to experience pleasure, love, intimacy, and joy and participate in an ecstatic sexual relationship. Unlike energy on the physical-material plane, which has individual qualities such as electrical charge, or heat, sexual energy is actually non-physical and has only universal qualities.

Universal qualities don’t cause attachment and bind people to each other in unhealthy ways; rather, universal qualities, like pleasure, love, intimacy, and joy, enhance freedom, truth self-awareness and self-confidence. And they make ecstatic sex, one of the most satisfying activities you can share with another person.

Importance of Sexual Energy

Unfortunately, even though sexual energy permeates the physical and non-physical universe, most people are unaware of it and its importance except during intimate physical contact. There are times, however, when it’s impossible to ignore the presence of sexual energy and the universal qualities that emerge from it. You experience sexual energy whenever you’re excited by another human being and whenever you share pleasure, love, intimacy, and joy with your partner. You also experience it when you feel a surge of vitality or creativity and whenever you feel a profound sense of well being, contentment, or satisfaction.

The Tantric masters acknowledged the transcendent nature of sexual energy and used the act of lovemaking as a tool to achieve an internal state of oneness that partners could enjoy and share with one another. You can too if your sexual energy can flow freely through your energy field and physical-material body.

To enhance your ability to experience ecstatic sex, I’ve included an exercise at the end of this article. It has two parts: in the first part, you will enhance the flow of sexual energy through your energy field by using your intent and your breath as tools for transcendence. In the second part you will use your intent to center yourself in your energy field. Then you will use your intent along with your breath to love your neglected body parts—so that they can radiate sexual energy freely again.

Your intent serves the same function as a computer software program. Just as a software program instructs a computer to perform a particular task, your intent instructs your unconscious mind to center your awareness (and Self) in your energy field and to love a neglected body part that you have in mind. If you use your intent properly without watching yourself, trying too hard, or mixing your intent with sentiment and self-doubt, your awareness will automatically turn inward.

Your breath is an important source of prana. Prana and sexual energy are the same. By breathing deeply—and filling your entire respiratory system with air—the prana that enters your energy field along with your breath on each inhalation can be directed by your intent to fill the neglected body part you have in mind.

Loving Your Body Parts

You may not realize it, but you continually love the body parts that give you pleasure by allowing sexual energy to radiate through them. The sexual energy that radiates through those body parts provides them with the nourishment they need to function healthfully and integrate their functions with the rest of your body.

When sexual energy radiates freely through a body part, you will enjoy how it feels, how it looks, and you will be able to share the energy emerging from it with your partner.

There are a number of reasons why you might disapprove or neglect or a body part. You could find it unattractive or feel you might be rejected because of it. You could have been taught that it must be kept hidden or that you must control the energy radiating from it. If it’s too beautiful (particularly your primary or secondary sexual organs), it might attract unwanted attention or people might have become jealous of it.

In any case, by disapproving or neglecting a body part, you will restrict the flow of sexual energy through it, and that will force the body part to contract. Once a body part has contracted, it will become overly sensitive or lose sensation and become numb.

By mastering the following exercise, ‘Loving Your Neglected Body Parts’, you will be able to fill any neglected body part with sexual energy. This will enhance your ability to share sexual energy freely with your partner during ecstatic sex.

Exercise: Loving Your Neglected Body Parts

In the exercise that follows you will use your intent to center yourself in your energy field and you will use your breath to enhance the flow of sexual energy through it. Then you will choose a neglected body part and bring your mental attention to it. After you’ve brought your mental attention to a neglected body part, you will breath the sexual energy that enters your energy field on each inhalation into it on the exhalations that follow.

Once you’ve filled a body part with sexual energy, it will radiate freely on it’s own. And it will automatically integrate itself with your other body parts, so that you can share the prana radiating from it with your partner through ecstatic sex.

To begin the exercise, you must choose a neglected body part to work on. You could choose your thighs, feet, lips, or any other part of your body that has been denied the nourishment it needs to radiate sexual energy freely.

Once you’ve chosen a body part, find a comfortable position with your back straight. Then close your eyes. Use your intent to center yourself in your energy field next by asserting, “It's my intent to center my awareness in my energy field.” Continue by breathing deeply through your nose without separtation between inhalation and exhalation. Stay centered while you breathe deeply for two or three minutes. The bring your mental attention to the neglected body part you have in mind—and on the next exhalation, breathe prana into the body part. Continue the same way for ten minutes.

After ten minutes assert: “It’s my intent to release my mental attention.” Then breathe normally again and count from one to five. When you reach the number five, open your eyes. You will feel wide awake, perfectly relaxed, and better than you did before.

Although some people experience an enhanced flow of sexual energy through the body part they had in mind the first time they practice the exercise—you may have to repeat the exercise several times for the body part to radiate sexual energy fully. However, if you practice the exercise regularly with your neglected body parts, it won’t be long before you can share the sexual energy radiating through them fully with somebody you love.

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